Toys for the boys (and girls too!)

It has now been 5 months since Trooper was welcomed into Lorie’s household.

Trooper has definitely been a positive impact on Lorie’s life and it has been a journey in training the lil pup.

Up to date, Trooper is 50% potty trained – He knows where to pee on the mat but of course he has the occasional mishap here and there. He is still as fun and adventurous as can be. His personality really shows when playing games, and you can see his love for his toys.

Speaking of toys, here are 3 things you should consider when purchasing toys for your dog.

  1. Chemical free
    Whenever possible, try to look for items that are BPA free and choose 100% rubber. These chemicals (even in small amounts) can be extremely harmful for the health and well-being of your dog. When in doubt, go natural!
  2. Safe and securely fastened items
    Toys that have too many hanging and dangling parts are choking hazards for dogs. Because they’re constantly biting and chewing their toys, its important to choose toys that are secure and that cannot be easily torn apart.
  3. Sizing
    The toys you buy your dog should be according to their size. If you have a small dog, of course buy them a toy that tailors to their size and that’ll easily fit their mouth. It it pointless to get a small dog a big toy, especially if it isn’t going to fit in their mouth. Similarly, you don’t want to buy a toy that is too small and that can become an easy choking hazard for them.

For more information and tips on how to buy dog toys, visit The Humane Society – Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best and Safest

Watch the video below on how to properly choose the toy size for small and big dogs.